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Persimmon with Sea Shell

Persimmon with Sea Shell  $60.00 plus $6.00 s&h
Persimmon with Sea Shell $60.00 plus $6.00 s&h

Click here to purchase.  I think persimmons are beautiful.  I love the orange color contrasted with the green of the stalk and leaves.  This persimmon enticed me to paint it, and I decided to add another one of my favorite things,  a sea shell, to make it more interesting.  Having grown up not too far from the North Carolina coast, I have always loved everything associated with the Carolina beaches.  I plan for sea shells to show up more often in my small paintings in the future.  This painting is on linen canvas attached to board and unframed.   You can buy it framed for an additional $30.00.  I can e-mail a picture of the painting with the frame.



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