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Onion Gatherers

Onion Gatherers
Onion Gatherers

I am pleased to announce that Onion Gatherers will be included in the Dana Gallery's 2012 Icons of the West Show and Sale.  When I lived in Mexico, I took a number of photographs of people in the onion fields.  Over the years, I have done several paintings from these photos; and this subject has proven to be a very popular one.  For me it's a delight to paint as well.  I feel this subject lends itself to a more impressionistic style with bold brush work. I love the colorful clothing the workers were wearing and their interesting and varied poses.  I also enjoy the contrast of the cool fields against the vivid warms of the clothing enhanced by the almost blinding Mexican sunlight.  Mexican light is incredibly beautiful; and although I can't give a technical explanation of all the reasons for it, I think it is due to being closer to the equator and at a higher altitude.   I do know that it produces exquisite light and shadow patterns and makes my artist's heart beat faster.  



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